Training and Capacity Building

To address the needs of sustainability in a project, capacity building and training has become the norm for the day. Leveraging on the experience and strength of Public Affairs Centre (PAC), customised trainings are delivered to stakeholders to include representatives from grassroot level, organisations, corporate, governments and academic institutions.

Enhancing Knowledge

Policy Engagement and Communication ​

  • Inclusive Development
  • Migration Skills and Employment
  • Political Economy
  • Policy engagement with relevant stakeholders-audience mapping
  • Developing appropriate communication materials based on audience needs

Using Tools for Governance and Data Analytics

Policy Making

  • Developing Indices for increased governance
  • Using Social Accountability Tools for Inclusive & Sustainable Development
  • Measuring Governance and Development- Public Affairs Index (PAI)
  • Data Analytics for Development
  • Financial Management for Functionaries of Rural Local Bodies (Inclusive and Participatory Development)
  • Financial Management for Functionaries of Urban Local Bodies (Sustainable Development)
  • Accountable Governance and Sustainable Development- (Leave No One Behind)
  • Evidence-based Decision Making & Participatory Development
  • Social Accountability and Good Governance
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