People Speak

“I am happy to testify that Public Affairs Foundation's social audit of Delhi's service has been valuable aid in my efforts to improve the quality of the state's governance. It's findings provided highly useful information to me and my colleagues.”
Late Sheila Dixit
Ex- Chief Minister, Delhi
"The CRC method would enable elected leaders and heads of departments to monitor the programmes and services under them and take corrective action in a short period of time."
Dr Montek Singh Ahluwalia
Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission of India (From a letter to the chief ministers of States of India)
"The Results of Development Institute was extremely satisfied with its partnership with PAF. PAF team led a very thorough, practical and engaging workshop on CRC. They worked closely with our team prior to and during the workshop to ensure that the training met our partners' needs. They were very approachable, encouraging workshop participants to ask questions during and outside of sessions."
Caroline Poirrier
Senior Program Officer at Results for Development Institute Washington, District Of Columbia
The value of "social audits" as a means to assess the state of public services has been clearly demonstrated by the two social audits conducted by PAF. The independent and professional manner in which the exercise has been carried out has added to the credibility of this approach.
Chief Minister
Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi, India
[...] my sincere gratitude for all the efforts ... to make the ...PM&E Workshop ... successful and well-organized and for (PAF) sharing with us their fruitful experience. We had a very positive feedback about the workshop [...]with consensus from participants that all the trainers were extremely qualified and the content of the workshop is highly relevant to their work where the most beneficial topics were the Citizens' Report Cards (CRC), the impact assessment, and the Community Score Cards (CSC).
Director General The Egyptian Cabinet - Information Decision Support Centre (IDSC)
Ministry of International Investment & Cooperation (MOIIC), Government of Egypt
The outputs of your work have made a remarkable contribution in the design of (the next Phase of) TASAF III. […] We do appreciate for your entire Team on commitment towards helping wider communities participate in the process of development in a more transparent way, feeding the providers with the user's reactions in order to improve their services by enacting reforms that will revolutionize service delivery in Tanzania to the four sectors.
Executive Director
Tanzania Local Action Fund (TASAF), President's Office United Republic of Tanzania